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Patti's 1880's Settlement

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Dining and more near Kuttawa, Kentucky

   Patti's 1880's Settlement started with Patti Tullar and her dream to bring everyone together with food and company. Patti and Bill purchased the old Grand Rivers Motel after they fell in love with the motel and the Land Between The Lakes area. It began as a hamburger and ice cream parlor as part of the six-unit motel. Then more restaurant dining area was needed. As the restaurant grew and needed to expand, the motel became part of Patti's restaurant. Motel rooms converted into dining rooms. Their story is inspiring and filled with love for others. You can see the full story and where it all began at their website, along with a video accompany.

Patti's has always been a place for families, always welcoming young children. They have included the children in the entertainment with a small walk through animal park, mini-golf and a playground. The kids and adults will enjoy the nineteen hole miniature golf course. There are also some beautiful landscaped gardens that will leave you in awe. Strolling through these gardens gives you the essence and beauty that nature provides in our world today. You have to experience these events and the love they have for all their customers -- it's like you're family.

It's hard to believe but this small, treasured restaurant, serves more than 350,000 people each year. They receive visitors from all over the United States. Those that visit get the real experience of Patti's southern hospitality and the many shops that are within their log cabin settlement area. Patti's also houses some beautiful gardens that truly are amazing.

Come relish in simpler times created by this beautiful area and hospitable community. Bring the family, friends, and children. Enjoy the simple things, such as conversation, smiles and friendly faces. Reservations are available upon request or stop by and you will see what the fuss is about in this smalltown Kentucky gem.

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