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Kentucky Lake

Enjoy the waters near Poplar Creek Lodge

Kentucky Lake was constructed by the Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA) which began in 1938. After six years of hard work, The Kentucky Dam formed the north barrier of Kentucky Lake, while the Pickwick Dam in Tennessee is the southern border. This area stretches 184 miles, providing 250.48 square miles of surface area on Kentucky Lake. Don't forget it also has over 2,000 miles of shoreline to enjoy.

Sport fishermen find Kentucky Lake ideal due to its massive size and incredible areas of seclusion. The immense amount of area gives everyone space to enjoy. This is the seventh-largest man-made lake within the United States and those men that made it had recreation in mind.

Along the east side of Kentucky Lake, you can find uninhabited forests and coves. These areas can be a peaceful opportunity for anglers to set their lines. Kentucky Lake, with its massive size, provides many different species of fish that can be a delight to catch throughout the year. Most commonly found are Largemouth Bass during the spring, summer and fall months. Crappie is another species that this lake has a lot of. Bluegill and Redear Sunfish are often fished in the spring. One of the species that are most exciting for kids and younger anglers are the Yellow Bass. They are very active and make for a fun environment for all.

The Great Loop, a waterway circling the eastern United States, is a very attractive part of the Kentucky Lake that keep boaters excited about their next trip, even right after they've left. Kentucky Lake's shores have multiple marinas and docking areas that are used for houseboats, wave runners, fish boats, kayaks and more.

If you have not had a chance to visit Kentucky Lake, be sure to make a stop next time you're nearby. Those of you who have visited are sure to understand and appreciate all that it has to offer. Bring your friends, stay safe and enjoy this wonderful body of water.